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Friday, November 17th 2017

Start End What Who
09:00 09:30 Morning coffee
09:30 09:45 This is MageTestFest Jisse Reitsma
09:50 10:35 PHPUnit for Magento Developers Sebastian Bergmann
10:40 11:00 Setup of testing within Magento 2 Vinai Kopp
11:00 11:15 Small break
11:15 11:50 Magento TDD kata (live coding) Vinai Kopp
11:55 12:40 Extract Till You Drop (live coding) Mathias Verraes
12:40 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 14:15 BDD with Behat and PhpSpec James Cowie
14:20 15:00 Magento Functional Testing Framework Tom Erskine
15:00 15:15 Small break
15:15 15:35 JavaScript Testing Tools Jisse Reitsma
15:40 16:20 Dealing with Testing Fatigue Fabian Schmengler
16:20 16:35 Small break
16:35 17:20 Unit testing in MSI Igor Miniailo
17:25 17:55 Q&A Panel All speakers
17:55 18:00 Closing note Jisse Reitsma
18:00 19:00 Afternoon drinks
19:00 19:30 Enjoy silence
19:30 23:00 Diner + After-party (tickets sold separately)


FOMO? Hell no!

Are you experiencing the FOMO (Fear-of-missing-out) syndrom? Attending all conferences is impossible (and costly) and keeping yourself up-to-date on all topics in the Magento ecosystem is hard. But if you care about testing (and you should), this event is not something to be missed.

Code of conduct

While we will not guarantee that MageTestFest will be free of swearing - it definitely has some rough edges, in a pointless attempt to stir things. However, we do have ethics. Our Code of Conduct is summarizing our thoughts and policies.

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