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Exciting. Unique. Different.

MageTestFest is different: It focuses on one single topic and brings you such a wealth of knowledge. We are still working on some details. But all in all, this event is going to be determining for the Magento community.

Conference day

with amazing speakers

Thursday, March 7th 2019

09:0009:30Morning coffee
09:3009:45The Italian Job Jisse Reitsma
09:5010:05Magento Community Engineering Max Yekaterynenko
10:1010:40Something on Behat James Cowie
10:4011:00Small break
11:0011:30Tools to improve the quality of your Magento project Stephan Hochdorfer
11:3512:05Something on MFTF Tom Erskine
12:0513:05Lunch break
13:0513:35Mutation testing - vaccine for your code Bernard van der Esch
13:4014:10Clever use of testing outputs in your Development Pipeline Andreas Mautz
14:1014:30Small break
14:3015:00Common Misconceptions about TDD Fabian Schmengler
15:0515:30End to End Testing with Cypress Javier Villanueva
15:3015:50Small break
15:5016:15Magento Marketplace & EQP2 Testing Framework Ravi Menon
16:2016:50Property based testing Vinai Kopp
16:5517:20Future Architecture Anton Krill
17:2517:30Brain fart Jisse Reitsma
17:3019:00Enjoy silence
19:0000:00Party with food and some drinks (included in ticket for main event)

This will be legendary


FOMO? Hell no!

Are you experiencing the FOMO (Fear-of-missing-out) syndrom? Attending all conferences is impossible (and costly) and keeping yourself up-to-date on all topics in the Magento ecosystem is hard. But if you care about testing (and you should), this event is not something to be missed.

Code of conduct

While we will not guarantee that MageTestFest will be free of swearing - it definitely has some rough edges, in a pointless attempt to stir things. However, we do have ethics. Our Code of Conduct is summarizing our thoughts and policies.

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