Contribution Day

Learn by practicing

The best way of learning how to code is by coding. During a Contribution Day, you will get guidance on Magento testing procedures and you will get that help from the best developers available.

Contribution Day

join the community at work

Friday, March 8th 2019

This Contribution Day is different from others, because of its focus of testing. We have a lot of things for you ready to help you get the most out of this day: Magento core developers are present to help you improve your coding skills. There will be a set of pre-defined tasks to create unit tests and integration tests for existing or new code. And thus, by putting great minds together, you can learn how to improve the Magento 2 core and your own code.

What you can do at this Contribution Day

We aim to work through various formats during the day: People can work together (pair programming, crowd programming) on various tasks. There will be popup sessions on specific topics. We can have specific discussions on quality. We can make this work in the way we want.

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