Workshop 4

It is easy to test

At first, you might not see the essence of testing. However, once you get the basics right and once you had dealt with a couple of scenarios, it becomes clear: Testing is easy. The more you grow accustomed to it, the more time it will save you. With the help of Fabian, you are guaranteed to embrace testing quickly and efficiently.

Date: Wednesday, March 6th 2018
Time: 09:30 to 16:30 (lunch included)
Location: TSH Collab, Florence, Italy

with Fabian Schmengler @fschmengler

Fabian works for IntegerNET, a company from Aachen (Germany) well known in the Magento community. He works on numerous projects, but is especially fond of Test Driven Development. His efforts for the Magento project has earned him the title Magento Master - and he deserves it!

Once you are addicted to TDD, you can't kick off

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Test, write, test

And code grows without bugs

Guided steps

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March 6th, one day before

Get integrated

You might be familiar with unit tests. However, this only solves things partially: Integration tests are perhaps even more vital for the successs of module code in Magento. This workshop helps you turn away from the Dark Side and make the Magento Midichlorians radiate brightly.

To get started with integration tests, there are a bunch of steps to take. But once you are setup, the real growth lies with the mentality shift: Fabian will guide you into proper testing that actually improves your life and also show the first steps towards TDD. If you are not used to testing yet, this is for you.


€ 300,- per attendee excluding VAT. This includes food and beverages throughout the day, including the lunch, excluding diner.


  • Location: TSH Collab, Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, 70, 50129 Firenze
  • Date: Wednesday, March 6th 2018
  • Time: From 09:30 AM to 17:00 PM


  • Bringing your own laptop is recommended
  • Solid PHP knowledge and object-oriented programming

MageTestFest 2019 was a blast. We will be back with more gigs.