Workshop 2

O no, not legacy code!

Whatever you write today is going to be outdated tomorrow. But how do you make sure your legacy code is transformed into modern code, without breaking everything? You guessed it: Write tests.

Date: Tuesday, March 5th 2018
Time: 09:30 to 16:30 (lunch included)
Location: TSH Collab, Florence, Italy

with Vinai Kopp @VinaiKopp

This living legend has been Magento Master multiple times, he's a speaker, he's an author, he's a trainer - and he knows how you can turn your crappy code into something better. Vinai has been fond of TDD and testing for years. However, it sometimes is hard to convince people to use tests (or TDD), because they are buried under bugs in an old application. He will attempt to make you see the light.

Turn something ugly into something beautiful

Get your ticket!

Test, write, test

And code grows without bugs

Legacy farts

Turned into code parfume


March 6th, one day before

Turn zombies into angels

Legacy code can be a challenge to work with. Usually it is untested and encodes many implicit and explicit business rules that provide a lot of value to the company. Unfortunately it also often contains hidden bugs. Replacing it is risky.

In the workshop we will practice working with legacy code, so we are able to refactor it in a safe way, until it is in a form we can use to build new features with. We will keep the application working all the time while we work on it,

We do this by covering it with high level tests (not unit tests) and then starting the refactoring. Bugs are exposed and fixed in a controlled manner.

Once the program is cleaned up, we extract parts as new code that is simple to test. In the end we have a clean, extensible and tested application.


€ 300,- per attendee excluding VAT. This includes food and beverages throughout the day, including the lunch, excluding diner.


  • Location: TSH Collab, Viale Spartaco Lavagnini, 70, 50129 Firenze
  • Date: Tuesday, March 5th 2018
  • Time: From 09:30 AM to 17:00 PM


  • Bringing your own laptop is recommended
  • Solid PHP knowledge and object-oriented programming

MageTestFest 2019 was a blast. We will be back with more gigs.