Speakers with brain-power

We have 5 authoritative speakers for you - each with their own expertise in the field of software testing. They will share their know-how and talk about the latest news in their field, insiders tips and tricks. Boost your brain!


Sebastian Bergmann

Creator and developer of PHPUnit, founder of thePHP.cc

Mathias Verraes

Expert in the area of Domain-Driven-Design, event sourcing and refactoring

Vinai Kopp

Magento expert, Magento U trainer, fan of Test Driven Development (TDD)

Fabian Schmengler

Magento developer, part of @integer-net, Magento Master 2017, blogger

James Cowie

Magento software architect, loving TDD and BDD, Magento 2016 Magento Mover

Tom Erskine

Magento senior engineer renewing the Magento Functional Testing Framework.

Igor Miniailo

Magento 2 architect, part of Community Engineering Team, working on Multi Source Inventory (MSI)

Jisse Reitsma

Founder of Yireo, Magento Master, host of MageTestFest

Sorry, no CfP

Sorry, our speaker line-up is fully booked. We have chosen to keep the set of speakers limited, which might make this event different than other events that you have attended. There is no open Call for Speakers. However, if you like us and would like to speak at an upcoming Yireo gig, do send us a ping. We are in the business of creating awesome events, so we definitely want to be friends and drink beer together.

A new Yireo event

We love organizing events. We were the first to organize a specialized Magento 2 Seminar in 2016 ... twice. Since then conferences in Europe have exploded: MeetMagento, MageUnconferences, MageTitans.

This underlines the need for sharing knowledge. Why MageTestFest? Because some of the technical topics require a full-depth conference. Everybody focuses on the same area, resulting in extreme learning and fun.

About Yireo & Jisse Reitsma

For years, Yireo has been providing merchants and developers with useful extensions, trainings and tutorials. Yireo is the brainchild of Jisse Reitsma (lead developer, consultant and trainer). He was announced Magento Master "Mover" 2017 and loves to spread the word of Magento 2. Why? Because of the technical innovation of its architecture. He started developing Magento extensions in 2009, teaching developers and the like since 2010. He dedicates his life to opening up technology via hackathons, usergroups and developer events.